About us

We’re Amy (the self-proclaimed “fun one") and Kari (the blondie).

We started Cheap Chics (pronounced "chick" but spelled like "chic" because we've never really liked following the rules) in 2014 in addition to our corporate graphic design jobs with the goal of offering upcycled vintage décor at an affordable price. We painted in our garages. We hunted for “junk”. We exhibited at flea markets. Then we joined some amazing local shops.

We’ve since settled into our studio location in Nicollet, MN (population 1,093 - whoop whoop!), where we host occasional sales and close up shop in the off-time to use as a production facility for painting furniture, designing apparel, unboxing shipments, stocking the web, etc. Inappropriate language, bad dancing, cheeseburger breaks and cocktails are highly encouraged. 😉

We’ve evolved from not only flipping furniture and offering vintage finds in the store, but we've also added lots of other goodies to our lineup: handcrafted wall signs, art prints, stationery and apparel designed by yours truly, jewelry and seasonal accessories. And our main goal still remains the same… stylish, unique and affordable.

We're also happy to share our sarcastic, inappropriate, small-town selves with the world wide web, and we're so glad you're here!

Kari & Amy



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